Afterschool Program: Monday - Friday 5-6pm

$65. month: 4 sessions

TUITION ~ BRING A FRIEND - SAVE! $100 off weekend programs $50 off weekdays; CALL FOR DETAILS!

$55. month: 4 sessions when 2 siblings enroll

$50. session: private

Weekend Program: Saturday & Sunday 10:30am-1:30pm Lunch, dessert, beverage included


$35. per week (based on 4 sessions)

Lab Fee: $25. per program
Students who miss a weekday class can make it up during the month if there is availablity on another day.
ALL STUDENTS must have full payment and vital information available prior dropoff.
Addition $15 will be required if you wish to pick up 15 minutes after class end.
SNOW DAYS: Please call, generally early dismissal is NO CLASS Delay start is YES CLASS SNOW DAY ENTIRE DAY: no class. Just to be safe, call 845 480-5622 or email
SICK DAYS: If instructor is sick makeup class will be at her discretion.